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Pandemic: COVID 19

‘We isolate now so when we gather again, No one is missing’

COVID-19 has changed the way we engage with one another. Limited movements, interactions and business have all come to a halt. And while many appreciate the welcome respite of the rat race of life, many in our community don’t have the luxury to stop working. Elders need support accessing basic needs and our youth need safe connections, now more than ever. 


With your help, we’re maintaining these valuable connections and resources. We’re providing masks, meals, gloves and access to programs online. 


As we slowly move the dial towards re-opening, maintaining social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks will be critical to reducing the spread of the Coronavirus.


A financial contribution from you goes a long way to making sure we can provide long-term sustainable support and resources.

Local Business Partners

Rebuild Upper Northside!


In the days following the brutal murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, several neighborhoods and businesses were terrorized by racists. Many were torched to the ground.


Our communities rallied together to patrol and protect in the absence of police. Sadly, while major retail stores are able to absorb these losses, small bricks & mortar businesses are either newly established, under-resourced and often under-insured. We’ve partnered with the Upper Northside Business Association to raise funds to help restore these businesses and provide support for our neighbors who’ve selflessly protected our neighborhoods…many at the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

To learn more about the Upper Northside Business Association visit:

Make A Direct Impact! 

Every dollar you invest in The ANIKA Foundation is dedicated to the participants and the communities we serve. Your tax deductible donation has a clear, long-term impact on our participants. 


For donations over 2,500, please call us at 612.670.6355.

Make a Monthly Donation

Let’s work together! Develop a partnership with The ANIKA Foundation by contributing automatically each month. Your monthly gift provides reliable funding enabling us to provide our participants with the supportive tools and resources they need to thrive.

Make an In-Kind Donation

To ensure our resources go directly to our participants, The ANIKA Foundation relies on in-kind gifts to keep our overhead costs at a minimum. From pens, personal care products and professional services, to larger donations of art or vacation packages to be used for fundraising, we are grateful for any and all in-kind donations.

Sponsor an Event

Events provide opportunities for individuals and corporations to be a respected philanthropic partner to an energetic non-profit organization. To explore more creative avenues of supporting our mission and goals, call 612.670.6355

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