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Pronounced Ah-Nee-Kah: Hebrew for Grace and Favor.


Arabic: Very Unique

Hebrew: Grace, Favor

Yoruba: Precious Gift

Sanskrit: Graceful, Brilliance, Sweet-faced, Collection


The ANIKA Foundation was established in 2008. Our mission is to promote health equity, civic engagement and economic empowerment. We serve as a catalyst for change, dedicated to improving the quality of life in underrepresented communities.


To energize our communities by affirming and restoring individual citizens, fostering cultural understanding and humanity through equitable engagement with our stakeholders and community partners... with grace. 

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Anika Robbins  Founder, President & CEO

Anika Robbins is a 25 year business veteran and community servant. She is the Founding President & CEO of the ANIKA Foundation. As Chair of the Minneapolis Commission on Civil Rights (2018-2020), she led the Commission through the tumultuous events surrounding the murder of George Floyd, bridging community & police relations, galvanizing community outreach and resource distribution through the establishment of the COVID-19 Task Force. She instituted policies including advocating for public oversight of police technology, ensuring the protection of small BIPOC businesses through the Small and Underutilized Business program, race relations, addressing implicit bias, passing resolutions banning Islamophobia, and supporting global human rights protections through the UN Task Force. She also served on the Citizens Advisory Council led by former City of Minneapolis Chief of Police, Medaria Arradondo. As a Minnesota Voice and Roy Wilkins Fellow, respectively, she founded Black Votes Matter MN, a non-partisan voter engagement initiative designed to increase voter turnout, develop leaders and increase representation of women and people of color in government. She served as the Cultural Community Engagement Chair for the State of Minnesota's Census 2020 Initiative and subsequent redistricting efforts. As a Researcher, Program Developer and Mentor, she leads the design and implementation of several of the Foundation's programs and initiatives.


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