5500 Registered to VOTE

30 Youth Ambassadors

100 Adult Ambassadors

40k Census Respondents

20k Voter Guides Distributed

30 Election Judges Recruited

55k Pledged to VOTE

50k Voter Education Cards


People are more powerful than they realize. Through our programs we empower community members to learn about their communities and the policies that impact them and how to take action.

Be Counted

Black Votes Matter MN


As part of the Census Co-Creation Table, we designed and developed Our Census MN -a mobilization strategy to engage historically undercounted communities across Minnesota. The 14 member multicultural coalition will work together to design the implementation strategy in concert with several cities and counties across Minnesota. Stand up and be counted! 

Black Votes Matter MN (BVM) is a non-partisan voter engagement initiative designed to increase voter turnout in underrepresented communities. We believe the next leaders and solutions will come from our communities. We’re creating pathways to promote leadership and advance the issues that matter to you!

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Power in Participation

Drawing the Line

In 2018, we launched Power In Participation- our high school curriculum-teaching scholars the basics of government, civic engagement, movement-building and issue advancement. Join us as we work to bring this empowering program to a school near you!



Ambassador Progrem


The Black Votes Matter MN Ambassador program is a great way to learn about your community, and the various policies and initiatives available for you to expand your leadership and engagement skills. Register voters, collect petitions, host voter education workshops, and more! Ask about paid and non-paid opportunities. 

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