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The Minnesota Integrated Care for Early Childhood Initiative is a community-led, collective effort to engage families, professionals, and other community partners to build the infrastructure for an equitable, family-centered, integrated model for conducting early childhood screening, referral, and follow-up in health settings for young African American children and their families.

The ANIKA Foundation is working with African American Parents of children under age 5 across the state of Minnesota to infuse a grassroots family voice to inform policy to increase healthcare and education access. Our primary goals are to: 

  • Identify and explore barriers to early childhood screenings and development

  • Engage community around solutions for increased access to resources and support

  • Participate in leadership development programs around parent and child advocacy, civic participation and policy development. 

  • Black Parent of children under age 5

  • Chosen Family member actively involved with children/grandchildren caregiving

  • Health or Education professional, Special Education, Guardian, Juvenile systems or other subject matter expert as needed

For more information, email:

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