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The ability to secure economic stability is the bedrock of the AmericanDream.


We’re committed to convening conversations and access points to opportunities around wealth creation through homeownership, business development and investments. Programs like CommunityEmpowered! provide wraparound support with food, housing and pathways to employment, business development and homeownership.A successful mindset is the foundation for personal and professional success. It’s important to plant seeds in our youth - early - so that they begin to believe in their own success and make solid plans for their future. Our social enterprise program, TEXTURE, initiates these conversations early, exposing school-aged youth to STEAM and social enterprise programs with critical life and soft skills development to scholars ages 12-21. We also connect them to additional wrap-around support and resources.

5500 Registered to VOTE

30 Youth Ambassadors

100 Adult Ambassadors

40k Census Respondents

20k Voter Guides Distributed

30 Election Judges Recruited

55k Pledged to VOTE

50k Voter Education Cards

Community Empowered


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COVID-19 has impacted us all -  in more ways than one. If you've lost your job, or exploring a new direction in your career, need support with tuition, job skills training and support finding balance through it all, let us help! Group and 1-on-1 coaching available. Ask about our employment resources, health & wellness and other available services. Sign up to schedule your virtual appointment today!

Our social enterprise program is designed to help youth and adults explore careers and pathways to entrepreneurship that provide multiple streams of income.


Our accelerated programs equip participants with the technical and soft skills to launch a successful career or business. Wrap-around support and resources ensure participants see their goals through to fruition!

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WE Empowered

ME Empowered

WE!  Inspire, Dream, Succeed

70% of households are led by Women. Our programs are designed to equip Women with the tools to make informed decisions around homeownership, investments and health. Sign up for one of our workshops to begin your strategy.

Ladies...It’s TIME!

Time to own a home, time to get your finances together, time to build a foundation for your family!

The Keepers

Our community has so many beautiful people doing great things to stand in the gap and support. Big or small, they show up in ways that often go unnoticed - except to the people who've benefited from their care and concern. Our series, 'The Keepers,' lifts up the many unsung Heroes & Sheroes who show up for community without recognition or expectation.

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